Roundtable Agile Manufacturing

This Roundtable is part of the Prowareness manufacturing community. Among this well-connected and reliable group of people, we discuss challenges commonly encountered in manufacturing environments. This time, the theme will be "Embrace Change." We hope to see you on Friday the 21st of June.
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About this Roundtable

In our last roundtable, we reviewed the lessons learned over the past years within the manufacturing community. From these insights, we decided to take a deep dive into one key area: "Embrace Uncertainty." This specific insight addresses the challenge of managing the uncertainty inherent in developing complex products. Here we typically see a strong project-driven approach with long-term commitments to deliverables for risk mitigation. However, adopting an Agile methodology requires a mindset that allows us to respond effectively to change as it occurs.

During this roundtable we will discuss:

  • Recognizing the need for both predictability and flexibility
  • Responding to change
  • Optimizing collaboration between planning and execution
  • Risk management

This Roundtable is for you if you: 

Are working (at a strategic level) in a continuously improving manufacturing environment.


  • 10:00 -  Opening
  • 10:10 -  Embrace Uncertainty
  • 11:00 -  Discussion
  • 11:50 -  Selecting our next topic
  • 12:00 -  The end

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